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Thursday, 27 June 2013

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: Live long and make more sequels

Director: J.J. Abrams
Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoey Saldana
Music: Michael Giacchino
Running time: 132 minutes

Warning: Spoiler Alert. This article exposes content crucial to the plot of the film.

It is never too late to write a review. Unfortunately I was too late to catch this movie on the big screen, which I regret very much. The theater screening was successful but brief; like when one gets a strong whiff of fast food in a momentary breeze.

Star Trek into Darkness was a superb sequel. The movie had the very familiar atmosphere and vibe that I experienced while watching the first movie and had my eyes glued to the screen. Michael Giacchino did a good job with the score. The music blended well with the story even though it does not stand out very much like most Zimmer tracks. Chris Pine returns as the stubborn and dependable James Kirk and calmly delivers throughout the movie including a few uncommon yet successful emotional scenes. Zachary Quinto fulfilled his role as the level headed and rational Spock although his cry of anguish after Kirk’s “death” didn't really do it for me. For his first ever open display of emotion, the half human side of Spock could’ve been a little more persuasive. And last and definitely not least, Benedict Cumberbatch did a spectacular job as the cold and ruthless Khan. The skull-crushing, punch-taking, stun resistant superhuman was relentless and inspiring till the very end. A general shout-out to the crew of the ship: Bones, Chekov, Scotty and a very badass Zulu who were all perfect for the roles. 

                                                Of course i have an important role!

The best aspect of the storyline for me is that they give you an episode sort of feel all the way. The story is pacey and very linear, preventing you from even gazing down at you popcorn, very much like the first movie. There is no definitive beginning or ending to each part which is why making sequels for this series is a great idea. There were of course some parts that didn't really gel with the story. I was expecting Carol Marcus to be a more significant character but it felt as though Kirk just needed a female counterpart. I was not too happy about Spock asking Spock-Prime how he defeated Khan. The Spock-Uhura tiff also seemed a little unwanted but eventually led to a memorable dialogue by Spock about “refusing to feel”. The death of captain Pike wasn't as ‘sudden’ as I felt during the movie but it was definitely an emotional moment. I usually shun stories involving the “resurrection” of characters but Kirk’s return from the grave seemed perfectly fine with me. I even pumped my fist as it happened. At first I thought the classic “This is the starship Enterprise” ending would be rather redundant but at the end it seemed like nothing would be more appropriate.

                                   I am going to walk over your corpses and look awesome doing it

But the one thing I was looking out for was the man behind the camera. J.J. Abrams, who has been entrusted with the camera for the upcoming Star Wars episode has not failed to impress. His dynamic action sequences which were once again similar to the first movie gave the story-line a brilliant drive. The scene where Kirk and Khan are launched from the Enterprise to Marcus’s ship through the field of debris was excellent. The vigorous action scenes are separated by beautiful tracking shots through the chambers of the Enterprise. Of these the one that really got my attention was when the camera follows Kirk and Spock into the elevator and the doors close, immediately after which they open again but on a different level (All in one continuous shot).

Star Trek into Darkness was definitely worth a watch in theaters or even a 1080p download whenever that will be available. Abrams has cemented my belief in his abilities and I will definitely be in front of the big screen if another installment is on its way.



Khan: "Intellect alone is useless in a fight Mr. Spock. You can't even break a rule - how can you be expected to break bone?"

Kirk: "I have no idea what I'm supposed to do! I only know what i CAN do!"

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  1. Finally watched the movie yesterday, bad print, though :/ Will watch it again to enjoy the visuals. Well written review, although I do disagree a bit with Spock's outburst at Kirk's death, which I felt was quite appropriate. And Kirk coming back did seem a bit stupid, because regenerating bad cells is not gonna get you anywhere, and besides, it would've made for a better ending if you look at this installment alone. But it is befitting from a series perspective.