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Monday, 20 August 2012

Keh Ke Le Li!

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.

And each Wasseypuri, as Ramadhir Singh puts it, chooses to model his life on his favourite Bollywood hero, mouthing his dialogues and sporting his hairstyle.

For those who were shaken by part-1 (the ones with the high morals or weak stomachs), this is definitely a movie to stay away from. For those who were sucked deep into the Wasseypuri Duniya by the magic of Anurag Kashyap and Manoj Bajpai, GoW-2 is one heck of a film!

Shaken out of his reverie by the deaths of his father and older brother, the pot smoking, gun slinging Faizal Khan begins his quest to exact a terrible vengeance against his arch enemy, Ramadhir Singh and his goons- Sultan Khan et al.

One needs to realise that GoW was never meant to be the expeditious Lamborghini that speeds past you in an instant and leaves you gasping. Rather, it is the Rolls Royce that cruises slowly by your side, instilling in you a prolonged feeling of awe. The movie deliberately slows down on more than one occasion as the director indulges in it and draws you into his larger than life vision. A host of new characters get introduced, each with their own backstory, that leads to all their paths getting entangled, with their lives hanging delicately in the balance.

Running parallel to the mischief filled stories of Perpendicular, Tangent(see what I did there) and Definite, is the comical yet heartwarming love story of our hero(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and his womaniya(Huma Qureshi). While GoW-1 was all about Sardar Khan's laundiyabaaji, the romance in part 2 has quite a few genuinely sweet scenes, especially the ones where Mohsina comforts Faisal with his favourite song. Huma Qureshi entices the audience with unexpected oomph, while Nawazuddin pulls off this aspect of his character with the same nonchalance that he does the rest of this multi-faceted character. The character of Definite is intriguing and Zeishan Quadri does full justice to it.

The soundtrack for this one is simply amazing and Sneha Khanwalkar, I hope, walks home with the awards later this year, for the eclectic collection of songs. The background music too builds up the tension (as easily as it diffuses it at times) and keeps you engaged throughout, building up to a dramatic climax.

The movie is directed brilliantly with the original vision of Anurag Kashyap really showing. Each kill is a spectacle, none more so than the one which happens with an amazing new version of Keh Ke Lunga blaring in the background! Not just the actual process of killing but even the buildup to many is done with great style and humour.

No amount of praise is enough for the brilliant actors of GoW and due credit must be given to the casting director as each actor blends into his/her role with unusual ease. Piyush Mishra's narration is praiseworthy and helps you cling on to every aspect of this wonderful tale. Overall, a bloody good watch and the most original movie to come out of Bollywood in quite some time.

Ab tak nahi dekhi toh jaldi theatre bhaag! Warna Faisal teri keh ke lega! Bhuje?


  1. Nicely put! I haven't seen the first part yet, but after reading this I'd surely give it a try :)