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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The ending we so badly deserved and needed

After having evaded every possible spoiler for over 50 hours, I walked into the theatre extremely eager and wondering what the next 3 hours were going to be like. Nolan just doesn't make bad movies, I told myself. Almost simultaneously, a soft voice in the back of my head whispered something about the law of averages. After the usual deal of trailers and ads, the movie finally began. Eight years since the last spotting of the Dark Knight, Gotham is in a state of peace owing largely to the Dent Act, but Commissioner Gordon knows that it is just a matter of time before this utopia built on a lie falls apart or rather, gets blown to bits.

Right from the spectacular scene in the air that introduces the masked terrorist to the scene where he blows up bridges, sewers and a STADIUM, every scene involving Bane is a dark, destructive spectacle. Though not playing a character as eccentric, crazy and lovable as Heath Ledger's Joker, Tom Hardy manages to bring to life the savage brute who infuses the movie with aggression and physicality of the scale that hasn't been seen in this franchise previously. The Joker wanted anarchy, Bane delivers it in style, smashing and crushing everything in his way, including the Batman's back. The whole of the first half builds up slowly, establishing the characters and storyline along the way, like the quiet before the storm that Selina Kyle so seductively predicts.
And what a beautiful, ravaging storm the second half is.

The inescapable prison and the story of the child who escaped are both beautifully crafted and make way for some great scenes as Bruce Wayne edges towards recovery after being battered to the brink of death and left to rot in the prison by Bane. The culmination is of epic proportions and beautiful in a way that only Nolan can manage.
Anne Hathaway sizzles and spices up the movie with her gorgeous looks, seductive voice, figure hugging costume, tantalizing moves and Robin Hood antics. The scenes involving Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne do bring a smile to your face with some nice lines and sly humour.

Christian Bale once again essays the role of the caped crusader with ease and very effectively manages to portray the angst of a man whose ageing body betrays his young mind that doesn't want to rest until it eliminates crime from Gotham. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is full of energy and effective as John Blake. As for the role of Marion Cotillard, I'll let you savour it in the movie.
All in all, a beautiful spectacle! That's what the movie truly is. Definitely worth the hype and after all those years, boy did we deserve it!


  1. Ending was predictable though. Some lines were a lil corny. Bane died with less than a bang.
    But a well done review :)